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Titty Testers – First Offering

Title: First Offering
Series: Titty Testers
Series Summary: Titty Testers is a business whose objective is to scope out all the hottest girls with the most gorgeous looking tits around town and invite them to participate in a series of boobtastic examinations where they can get their tits to be certified as Titty Tester-licious.

Follow Tony and the rest of the Titty Testers as they ogle, fondle, squeeze, grope, fuck, and suck some of the most boobtastic tits in town in their search for the tits that earn the title of being truly Titty Tester-licious.

Story Summary: In First Offering, follow Tony on his first adventure into the world of Titty Tester-liciousness where he puts a pair of impressive F+ sized boobs with silver dollar-sized areolas under the test… only to be surprised at the end with a blowjob!

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