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Where is All the Cock Love?

I’ll be straight-up.

The market for boob-related porn is saturated like a one-ply cum-soaked tissue.

No matter what you’re looking for in relation to boobs whether it be all-natural boobs (mmm!), boobs and asses, boobs involving interracial action, different sizes of boobs, boobs with puffy nipples (mmm!), boobs full of milk (mmm!), or just BOOBS all on their own (hell, boobs are boobs!), you are guaranteed to find a few sites dedicated to each of these boob-related niches.

You know how some of the paid boob sites feature just the boobs themselves, right?

Bearing that in mind, where the HELL are all the niche sites for cocks?!

Where are all the sites dedicated to cocks in general, cocks leaking and drooling precum everywhere, and cocks and cumshots? Where are the cock sites that feature just the cocks or focus primarily on the cocks?

Almost nowhere to be found, that’s where and that disappoints me mightily as I would be first in line to promote such a site.

Speaking of which, I recently came across this gem of a cock-related niche site: UNCUT DICKS!! For the lovers of uncut cocks (personally, I like all kinds of cocks as long as they’re CLEAN, but uncut is my favorite), this site exclusively features men with uncut cocks and all the fucking delicious things that can be done with them – yes, including fucking.

From jerk-off sessions to mouth-watering blowjobs to full-on male x male banging, you’ll get to see uncut cocks in all kinds of action.

Action such as:

Jerking Off - has never been so fun! DAMN, but doesn’t that look like fun?

For a full-sized view of the pic and for a glimpse into just how much fun this guy and his deliciously uncut cock are having, just click on the image.

Just a look at the man’s face says EVERYTHING.

He’s having himself one hell of a jerk off session and lucky us – we get to watch!

Considering my love for uncut cocks and cocks in general and considering how much I love watching other people enjoy them (especially their owners!), I’ll leave you with another pic of this man getting happy with himself.

Jerking Off - is bliss! For those of you who have read Encore from the After Hours subseries of the Playtime at the PlayHouse series, does this man maybe remind you of someone?

Stay tuned for the answer!

Also, if you have any good niche material like what I described in the earlier part of my post, please feel free to forward it to me.

My next post will show exactly what I can do when given the material and it’s going to be HOT.

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