Titty Testers – First Offering

Title: First Offering
Series: Titty Testers
Series Summary: Titty Testers is a business whose objective is to scope out all the hottest girls with the most gorgeous looking tits around town and invite them to participate in a series of boobtastic examinations where they can get their tits to be certified as Titty Tester-licious.

Follow Tony and the rest of the Titty Testers as they ogle, fondle, squeeze, grope, fuck, and suck some of the most boobtastic tits in town in their search for the tits that earn the title of being truly Titty Tester-licious.

Story Summary: In First Offering, follow Tony on his first adventure into the world of Titty Tester-liciousness where he puts a pair of impressive F+ sized boobs with silver dollar-sized areolas under the test… only to be surprised at the end with a blowjob!

First Offering

My name is Tony and along with two of my friends, Tasha and Torrence, I run the newly opened business called Titty Testers.

What my business does is exactly what the name suggests. From sun up to sun down, me and my crew of Titty Testers examine boobs after boobs after boobs – putting them through a series of what we call our Titty Tests.

To get the girls and the boobs, we send out ads all over the ‘net and chat up girls around town (or around wherever we happen to be) and see if any of them are interested in getting their tits examined by us to test for their level of appeal and get officially certified as Titty Testerlicious and get featured on our company’s website.

To get the official Titty Testerlicious certification, a girl’s boobs have to match a few qualifications as we put them through the various tests.

In general, what we like to see are nice round tits (size doesn’t matter as much so long as they’re nicely shaped) with large round nipples and fat areolas that are just begging to be pinched, licked, and sucked. Bonus points can be earned for qualities like nipple puffiness and boob firmness and further bonus points can be stacked on if the nipples can be teased into jutting out like hard round pebbles. If the tits are full to bursting with delicious tit milk like they are meant to be and can be made to leak and squirt during the course of the examination, then they are pretty much good as gold.

The examination itself typically includes a manual exam and an oral exam and, if the candidate passes the first two exams, a dick exam.

The first manual exam involves groping, squeezing, kneading, hefting, pinching, and rolling and the idea is to see how the tits feel in our hands. Are they nice in our hands? Are they a soft handful or are they heavy and firm? Are the nipples nice and smooth and soft when they’re unexcited and do they get rock hard when stimulated? How long does it take for the nipples to go from soft to hard?

The second oral exam involves using the mouth and tongue to lick, kiss, and suck to see how the tits feel in the mouth. Boobflesh is kissed all over and the nipples get licked and sucked. For the nipples, after they have been teased by our fingers into standing out nice and hard, we continue the oral part of the examination by expertly latching onto them with our mouths and suckling and suctioning away.

The third and final exam is the dick exam and it is used to test for the fuckability of the tits. After the first two examinations, if either I or Torrence have raging hard-ons, we’ll give the tits we’re examining a good hard fuck and see how it feels to have our rock hard cocks pumping in and out between them. Not surprisingly, these candidates usually become our prime grade titties.

As a rule of thumb, the longer we “examine” a candidate, the better rating her tits will probably get. Of course, our own reaction to the examination counts, too. If my dick feels like it’s going to explode mid-exam if I don’t give it a good hard jerk, then that’s a great sign those tits are really something.

So yeah.

Now that I’ve told you a bit about my business, I’ll tell you about my day.

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