Playtime at the PlayHouse – After Hours – Encore 2

Title: Encore – Part 2 – Cum and See
Sub Series: After Hours
Story Series: Playtime at the PlayHouse
Series Summary: The PlayHouse is a major player in the adult entertainment industry and Markus Cameron is its Director. A savvy businessman, he runs a tight ship and follows a unique business plan all his own that leaves plenty of room for fun even when all the business is done.

Business as usual at the PlayHouse is already fun. But to see the real fun that happens behind closed doors, you have to cum on in!

Story Summary: In Encore – Cum and See, Chase faces the consequences of teasing his boss about being distracted and finds himself just as distracted and with a boner that’s more than ready for some action. A stranger to cocks other than his own, Chase finds himself curious about what the Director’s cock would be like.

Encore – Part 2 – Cum and See

The glib answer shocked the younger man and for a moment, he was speechless. Besides all the things he had heard during business talk, that was probably the most crass thing he had ever heard his boss say. Furthermore… the Director was… bi?! Since when?! And watching him had been a turn-on? Granted, he had heard plenty of whisperings at the water cooler, but… to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth was –


Markus smirked with satisfaction as he watched Chase’s reaction.

Let him mull over that little bit for a while.

Ignoring his boner tenting at his slacks, he returned his attention to the vending machine. He was about to pull out his wallet when Chase leaned in closer. Tenor voice a low croon normally reserved for on-screen interactions, he asked a little too innocently, “Are you telling me that you like cock?”

Markus’ hand on his wallet paused, but only for the briefest of milliseconds.

So we’re playing games now, are we?

Upping his own charisma, he purred back in his smooth baritone voice, “Are you telling ME that YOU like cock?”

Wallet forgotten and eyes flashing, he closed the distance between himself and his employee. When Chase was backed up against the vending machine, he leaned in and captured the younger man’s lips in the same open-mouthed kiss that Brent’s had been caught in. After thoroughly ravishing both lips and tongue, he pulled away with a self-satisfied smirk.


Lips swollen from the kiss and cock swelling with blood, Chase’s brain was a fried and jumbled mess as he tried to formulate a response. Where he couldn’t say he liked anyone’s cock but his own, it didn’t mean he wasn’t potentially interested from time to time. But being potentially interested wasn’t the same as – or was it? Regardless, there was only one answer he could give with the way his dick was twitching and throbbing in the confines of his jeans.

He returned the smirk with a wink. “Fuck my mouth with your tongue again and I’ll see if I can come up with an answer?”

Growling, Markus slammed up against the younger man and as Chase’s lips parted with a low inviting groan, he immediately sent his tongue out to plunder the depths.

No pansy, Chase’s rock solid body was hard and unyielding against his own as he instinctively fought against being pinned even as his mouth was being fucked with his permission. After a few moments though, the tongue fucking became reciprocal.

Markus snarled approval as Chase’s tongue dueled with his own – daring to take what it wanted when it wanted and as much as it wanted – and when the younger man’s body arched against his own, he ground their hips together.

Though he had no intention of doing anything that would make the younger man particularly uncomfortable, he was certainly going to pay him back for his cheekiness and daring. If Chase had the balls to tease him like he was doing, then he had the balls to deal with the ramifications.

Chase hissed at the contact and couldn’t resist grinding back. There was no denying his arousal at this point or the Director’s for that matter. Despite his earlier recording session, he was hard as a rock again and the Director… well.

FUCK, but the Director hadn’t been kidding in the least when he had said that he had been distracted.

Feeling the undeniable shape of the other man’s boner – and god, what a boner! – pressing urgently against his own, he found himself wondering what it was like.

Was he cut or uncut? Was he thick in girth or was he thinner and longer? Did he leak precum all over the place like some guys – including himself – he knew? What was his cum like? Was it thick and ropy or more like a hose spray? Did he cum all at once in a rush or in long drawn out spurts and jets? Did he stick straight out or did he arch? Were his balls heavy and hairy or did he shave? Speaking of hairy, was the Director a bear of a man or was he smooth all over or was he a mixture of both?

Cock talk aside, the Director was an impressive man in his own right. Standing over six feet tall with his thick-boned frame and shoulders like a football linebacker, a body sculpted of thick sinewy muscles that filled out his favorite business suits, and ruggedly handsome face with its strong jawline and perpetual five o’ clock shadow, it was no mystery why the Director was so popular. The girls – even some of the girl-only girls – fawned all over him and the boys either admired him or outright envied him or both. And if you added on that deep baritone voice of his –



Markus smirked and his large hand moved to cup against Chase’s crotch. Cradling the other man’s covered erection, he squeezed and stroked all along its length. With his other hand, he kneaded against chiseled abs and along well-defined pectorals until he found a flat nipple. Then, through the fabric of the tank top, he flicked his thumb over it.

“D-director!” Chase ground out and bucked his hips.

Kneading his hand in a familiar up and down motion, Markus crooned, “Do you have an answer for me yet?”

… About? Ohhh right!

Heat briefly scouring his cheeks, Chase admitted as he tried not to buck into the hand, “Dunno about anyone else, but… I might be interested in yours?”

A mixture of surprise and pleasure made the Director smile. “If you might be interested, then maybe you should take a look?”

Chase glanced down at the covered boner that pressed against his hip like a brand and then back up at the Director and licked his lips. “No harm in looking?”

Markus shook his head. “You know my policies. No harm in looking and no harm in playing if that is what you want to do so long as the other party is consensual.”

“And that includes you?” The younger man’s voice was teasing, but he was quite serious. The Director oftentimes made himself scarce to handle business affairs and was consequently not very approachable. Though it would only make sense if the same policies applied to him, it would also make sense if they didn’t. It was just easier to not assume – especially when the person in question also happened to be his boss.

“I’m offering, aren’t I?”

Was it worth it to take the chance? Chase asked himself as he continued to eye his boss’ impressive package. On the other hand, was it worth it to give up on such a chance and with the Director no less? Walking away from a good opportunity was never his strongest suit and he was growing hungrier and hungrier by the second imagining what the other man’s naked body and cock looked and felt like.

After a last grind of his hips, Markus pulled away and in a completely unselfconscious movement, he palmed himself and started moving his hand up and down over the tent in his slacks.

Chase couldn’t help but stare. The large hand moving purposefully and so brazenly up and down and up and down was hypnotizing. Even more hypnotizing though was the patch of wet he now saw staining the front of the other man’s slacks.

FU~UCK, but he’s a leaker!

Cock twitching violently under his jeans, Chase threw caution to the wind and growled out, “Hell, man! I’m in!”

August 15, 2010

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