Playtime at the PlayHouse – After Hours – Encore 3

Title: Encore – Part 3 – Precum Precursors
Sub Series: After Hours
Story Series: Playtime at the PlayHouse
Series Summary: The PlayHouse is a major player in the adult entertainment industry and Markus Cameron is its Director. A savvy businessman, he runs a tight ship and follows a unique business plan all his own that leaves plenty of room for fun even when all the business is done.

Business as usual at the PlayHouse is already fun. But to see the real fun that happens behind closed doors, you have to cum on in!

Story Summary: In Encore – Precum Precursors, after much sexy bantering, Chase – a virgin to cocks other than his own – has taken up the Director’s invitation to have a looksee at what he has to offer… and gets more than he originally bargained for!

Encore – Part 3 – Precum Precursors

Markus flashed his teeth in both invitation and warning. Hand on his belt, he tossed his head and ordered, “Then strip.”

Eyes not leaving the Director for a second, Chase scrambled to get out of his clothes. Within moments, sneakers, jeans, boxer shorts, and tank top were kicked aside and he noted with a sort of delicious satisfaction that he wasn’t the only one stripping as the pile continued to grow as a tie, button-down top, and suit slacks were added on.

Finally naked, he stood in front of his boss and his cock – stiff as a flagpole and leaking globs of precum – bobbed up and down in eager anticipation of what was to come.

“You flatter me,” Markus growled, eyes flashing at the sight of the other man’s erect cock.

“I should be the one saying that to you, sir,” Chase countered as he swept his eyes all over the other man’s gloriously nude form – fuck, but the man was even more built than he had previously imagined! – before stopping at the pillar of hard flesh that bobbed and leaked pools of precum just like his own. Unlike his own, however, the Director’s cock was uncut and the head of the cock was just visible under its sheath of foreskin.

“Markus. If you’re going to look at me like that, then call me Markus.”

Chase grinned. “I gotta admit… that’s a hell of a boner you have there… Markus.” As an afterthought, he added, “the rest of you is pretty damned fine, too.”

Markus smirked. “Funny, considering how I think the same of you every time I see your work.”

Confronted with the man who oversaw his work and whose dick made no secret about his attraction, Chase found himself basking in the attention and wanting more. He was used to being admired by the girls and he was used to exchanging towel snaps, good-natured trash talk, and some superficial flirting with some of the guys in the locker room, but… this… was different.

As Markus’ eyes roved over him from head to toe, he could feel the intensity of the other man’s gaze as acutely as he had felt the hands on his body earlier. Just as he had been subconsciously gauging Markus’ body and engaging in a moment of appreciation, Markus was doing the same with him – sizing him up for competition while at the same time appreciating what he had to offer.

“Ever touched another guy’s cock?” Markus’ low voice inquired.

Chase shook his head. “Can’t say I have? Not without clothes in the way anyways.”

“And I can assume you’ve never been touched by another man?”

“Unless you count the doctor?” Chase quipped.

Markus’ eyes softened fractionally. “Not really.” Gesturing with his hand, he asked, “Would you object to me touching you?”

Chase opened his mouth to answer, but his cock beat him to the punch by twitching and releasing another pool of sticky precum. It was almost embarrassing how excited he was, but with the hungry gaze of the other man on him, he realized that he couldn’t be embarrassed even if he tried. He was on display for the other man to see and he was loving every second of it.

With his trademark cocky grin, he replied, “I think my dick answered for me, but in case you didn’t hear what it said, the answer was, ‘I think I’d like that.’”

Markus cursed under his breath. “That’s one hell of a way to say ‘yes,’ Chase.”

Closing the distance between them, Markus backed the younger man up against the vending machine again and when Chase’s backside was flush up against the smooth glass, he reached down and fisted his hand around the eager cock. A few twists around the cockhead was all it took to get his hand fully lubricated and once the slippery precum fluid was all over his palm and fingers, he started pumping his hand up and down along the length of the other man’s erection in long smooth strokes.

“FU~UCK!” With a snarl of pleasure, Chase couldn’t help snapping his hips up into the hand.

“Ohhh yeah, you like that, don’t you?” Markus growled. Giving a particularly hard jerk, he reached a bit lower with his other hand to cup around the balls and fondle.

Answering for him like it had done earlier, Chase’s cock oozed another spurt of its precum juices as its owner moaned low in his throat. Being jacked off always felt nice, but to be jerked by someone who understood what it felt like to have a hard-as-nails cock oozing with precum and just aching to be touched –


Squeezing and rolling with one hand and pumping with the other, Markus had just found the perfect rhythm to drive the younger man crazy when –


Growling and cursing, Markus slammed up against Chase as the other man’s hand wrapped around him.

Growling back, Chase smirked, “Your turn, Markus; you said I could touch after all,” and with a grunt and a heave, he reversed their positions.

After an explosive struggle of muscle and might, Markus found himself slammed up against the vending machine with the length of Chase’s body pressed into his own. Eyes going half-mast, he conceded momentary defeat with a satisfied purr. “Touch all you want,” he offered generously.

Radiating smugness and eyes alight with curiosity, Chase lightly ran his fisted hand up and down in an experimental manner. Hard, pulsing, and drooling precum, Markus’ cock was very similar to his own save for the cockhead that was partway hidden by a foreskin that he didn’t fully have. The puddle of precum especially was particularly enticing; he knew from firsthand experience what the precum was good for and how to make the most of it.

Dipping his thumb against the cockhead, he spread the moisture around just like he would if he were about to jerk himself off. After getting his thumb all slippery, he carefully unsheathed the rest of the head from its foreskin covering. Without the extra bit of skin to barricade flow, the pre-ejaculate fluid that had pooled at the tip trickled and dribbled down the shaft – coating it – and the hand that covered it – all over with clear, viscous stickiness.

“Fuck, but you’re like a hose, aren’t you?” Chase flashed a grin up at Markus and was rewarded with a throaty rumble of approval.

“Pot calling the kettle black, I see,” Markus returned, wrapping his hand back around the younger man’s leaking erection and giving it a pointed tug.

Groaning and thrusting into the slippery hand to increase friction, Chase admitted, “To be honest, I kinda like it when my cock’s all drooling and oozing like this. I’ve never met anyone who leaks as much as I do, though.”

Except you, were the unspoken words and Markus growled again, louder this time. “All this juice has got to be good for something, what do you think?” Thrusting his hips up against Chase’s, he bumped and grinded their slippery boners together in question.

August 15, 2010

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