Playtime at the PlayHouse – Business Hours – Hospitality 2

Title: Hospitality – Part 2 – A Helping Hand
Sub Series: Business Hours
Story Series: Playtime at the PlayHouse
Series Summary: The PlayHouse is a major player in the adult entertainment industry and Markus Cameron is its Director. A savvy businessman, he runs a tight ship and follows a unique business plan all his own that leaves plenty of room for fun even when all the business is done.

Business as usual at the PlayHouse is already fun. But to see the real fun that happens behind closed doors, you have to cum on in!

Story Summary: In Hospitality – A Helping Hand, Elaine volunteers to be Anya’s mentor and helps her pick out an outfit for her interview. But has Elaine bitten off more than she can chew? Can she resist the pull of the boobilicious charismatic Anya?

Hospitality – Part 2 – A Helping Hand

“And you’ll share them with me?” Anya cheered up considerably and the receptionist laughed and patted her gently on the back and guided her to the empty waiting room.

“I’m offering aren’t I?” The receptionist smiled and guided Anya to one of the rooms that connected to the waiting room. In moments, the two women were standing in the wardrobe room that was filled with racks after racks and shelves upon shelves of various women’s clothing.

The receptionist flipped on the light and closed the door behind them and regarded Anya with a thoughtful expression. “Exactly what sort of a model are you aspiring to be?”

“Swimsuit model,” Anya responded and held up a bikini as if to prove her point.

“No bikinis,” The receptionist shook her head and strode over to the rack of swimwear and started rifling through them.

“No bikinis?”

“You don’t need a bikini. You need something that’s going to tease them and taunt them and titillate their senses. With those gorgeous breasts of yours, you’d look absolutely sexy in…” There was a pause before she answered.


There was triumph in her voice and a hint of smugness as well as she held out a white one-piece bathing suit to the brunette who was looking a bit perplexed.

“… This?”


Anya looked at the swimsuit with a little frown, but at the receptionist’s encouraging smile and twinkle in her eye, she nodded and tossed her head. “I’ll try it.”

There was a moment of silence as the two women stared at one another, then the receptionist fought a blush. “I’ll just step out a moment and let you try it on.” She made a move towards the door, but Anya’s cheerful voice stopped her.

“I don’t mind if you stay here,” the brunette smiled and gave a wink before she started taking off her clothes to change.

The receptionist hardly had time to recompose herself and say “Thank you” before she was treated to glimpses of Anya’s lingerie-clad body and –

Ohhh WOW!

Really, she tried not to stare, but with the body that Anya had, it was impossible not to stare.

The shirt came off first, revealing Anya’s firm DD breasts cradled in a lacy demi bra. The bra was a little too small and it pushed her boobs together and thrusted them outwards in an entirely too enticing way. As Anya shimmied out of her shorts, her tits jiggled and bounced along with her movements and she caught sight of the top of a puffy brown areola.

She tried not to gawk, really she did, but…

God, but her nipples must be HUGE!

Anya’s thong-clad pussy came into view next, breaking her attention away from the outlines of dark nipples. As Anya hiked her leg up to kick off the shorts, she caught sight of a wet patch on her thongs and the sprinkling of dark hairs peeking out along her bikini line that glimmered with a hint of silver.

Ohmygod, I think she’s wet!

The receptionist couldn’t help but feel more and more excited by the second as she watched the brunette undress in front of her. Her own boobs started to ache and she could feel her nipples getting erect and hard – pressing urgently against the lace of her bra. An electric sensation raced down her back and she could feel the telltale tingle in her pussy.

Oh god, I’M all wet!

“… Ma’am?”

The receptionist was snapped out of her reverie at the soft sound of Anya’s voice. Anya was standing maybe two feet away and looking at her with an unreadable expression, head cocked a little as her eyebrows furrowed together.

“Elaine. My name is Elaine.” The receptionist finally answered with a smile and the brunette answered back with a smile of her own.

“Elaine. Can you help me?” Anya held out the swimsuit to Elaine.

“Sure.” Elaine tried to ignore the slippery sensation between her legs as she took the swimsuit. As if ensorcelled, she watched in mute fascination as Anya removed the last bits of clothing.

With a quiet ‘snap’, the bra came off, finally freeing the 34DD tits of their restricted confinement.

Elaine licked her lips and inconspicuously shifted from one foot to the other as she watched the twin globes of titflesh bounce and swing to and fro in their newfound freedom. She had never seen nipples as big and puffy as the ones that capped each of Anya’s gorgeous boobs and she couldn’t help but wonder how they would feel being rolled between her fingers and sucked on by her lips.

Breasts bouncing, Anya reached to push down her thongs and as Elaine watched, her own pussy started slickening in response to the other pussy being revealed to her.

As Anya’s leg hiked up again, this time to kick away the thongs, Elaine could see the silvery wetness that clung to the dark nether hairs.

Oh god, oh god, she IS all wet!

Elaine bit her lip and looked away for a moment. Her pussy was throbbing now and she wanted nothing more than to cum, cum, and cum some more. She was sure that her panties were thoroughly soaked by now and the sexual frustration was getting to the point of being almost unbearable.

She had seen her share of women and men, but there was something in particular about Anya and her body that turned her on like nothing else ever could. In her fantasies, she could see herself ravishing the other woman’s titties to bring her to orgasm and she could just taste that cum that was sure to squirt from her pleasure-swollen pussy.


Wordlessly, she handed over the bathing suit and watched as Anya stepped into it and pulled it on. Anya got the suit on without much difficulty, but when she tried to pull the straps over her head, she found that the suit seemed to be too small. She opened her mouth to call for Elaine, but Elaine was already standing behind her, her warm hands cradling and massaging her breasts as they deftly pulled the stretchy fabric up and over them and tied the halter tie around her neck.

“It seems such a shame to cover those beauties up, but the idea is to leave something to the imagination,” Elaine murmured and gave a wistful smile.

Anya was quiet for a moment, then she spoke up. A mischievous tone colored her voice and she smiled. “They don’t have to be covered until it’s time for the interview,” she winked.

August 10, 2010

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