Playtime at the PlayHouse – Business Hours – Hospitality 3

Title: Hospitality – Part 3 – Slippery When Wet
Sub Series: Business Hours
Story Series: Playtime at the PlayHouse
Series Summary: The PlayHouse is a major player in the adult entertainment industry and Markus Cameron is its Director. A savvy businessman, he runs a tight ship and follows a unique business plan all his own that leaves plenty of room for fun even when all the business is done.

Business as usual at the PlayHouse is already fun. But to see the real fun that happens behind closed doors, you have to cum on in!

Story Summary: In Hospitality – Slippery When Wet, Elaine fights against her desire to ravish the gorgeous Anya and her equally gorgeous tits who is now decked out in a stunning swimsuit only to realize that she didn’t have to! Watch out for the surprise ending which will be concluded in Part 4!

Hospitality – Part 3 – Slippery When Wet

For a moment, Elaine just stared at the other woman open-mouthed. Did Anya just imply what she thought she implied?

“And I’m sure we have time…” Anya continued and turned around so that she was facing Elaine.

Elaine swallowed hard and nodded slowly in agreement. “Yes, we do…”

“You may never get to see them again,” Anya’s voice sing-songed and she slowly reached behind herself and pulled the tie on her bathing suit.

Really too big to be contained comfortably for long in the suit, her boobs strained against the fabric, then popped out and bounced wildly as they were released.

Anya straightened her shoulders, pulled Elaine closer to her, and thrust out her boobs at the other woman so that her large puffy nipples jutted straight out in invitation. “I love it when women love my boobs,” she confided in a whisper as she made her DD breasts jiggle. “And I love it even more when they play with them.”

Elaine needed no further encouragement. Immediately, her hands went to cup the massive mounds, hefting them and feeling their weight and shape. The feel of Anya’s tits in her hands was absolutely incredible and she eagerly squeezed, fondled, and groped with her pussy growing wetter and wetter by the second.

Anya smiled encouragingly as Elaine squeezed and kneaded her globes of titflesh and she leaned over to whisper in an ear, “Suck on them. I want to feel them in your mouth.”

“Ohhhh…” Elaine moaned quietly and lifted one puffy nipple to her lips. Her pink tongue flicked out and curled around the large areola and licked it all over. As Anya moaned deeply, she teasingly flicked her tongue back and forth over the peak. While she licked, her other hand massaged the other tit. When the nipple under her tongue finally stood out hard and erect, Elaine started lavishing attention to the other breast, giving it the same ministrations she had given the first one.

“Ohhhhhhh… Elaine…!” Anya gasped when Elaine pinched her erect nipple and started rolling it between her fingers and flicking back and forth with the pad of her thumb.

Hearing the gasp, Elaine smiled and finally latched on properly to the nipple in her mouth and started sucking away with unabashed eagerness. To the tune of Anya’s moaning and squirming, she suctioned away on the fat areola with her plump lips while her warm tongue flicked and licked at the pebble of erect nipple flesh.

“Ohhh god… Elaine! Feels so good!” Anya’s voice was hoarse and heavy with desire. Her hands went to her breasts and started squeezing them and fondling them as Elaine suckled her.

Not wanting the other breast to get jealous, Elaine let the nipple go with a loud satisfying ‘pop’ and ‘mmmmm’ and after squeezing the other tit to make its nipple jut out just so, she latched onto it like she had done to the other side and started to suction away once more with her wet lips.

Anya’s boobs were normally sensitive to begin with and under Elaine’s ministrations, the pleasure from her boobs translated into pleasure for her pussy and before long, Anya felt the buildup of unmistakable sensations that told her that her pussy was getting all nice and juiced up and ready for action.

“Oh Elaine, Elaine!” She whimpered and her hand went to her crotch.

Elaine’s hand caught Anya’s and she paused in her suckling to shake her head and grin.

“Let me.”

After a last good bit of nipple suckling, Anya found herself lying on her back on the floor of the closet with her legs spread wide open.

“Mmmmm, that pussy of yours smells so delicious; I just can’t wait to taste it,” Elaine purred as she pressed her nose against the juice-soaked fabric of the bathing suit.

Holding Anya’s legs open as wide as they could go at the thighs, she swiped her tongue along her camel toe outline. At Anya’s squealed response, she dipped her tongue into the leg openings and tasted of the juices that were trickling out. Done with the teasing and impatient to feast on Anya’s steaming wet pussy, she impatiently reached to tug the bathing suit down and off.

A few expert tugs and the suit came off and with it a long sticky trail of clear pussy juice. “God, your pussy is so incredibly juicy!” Elaine moaned as she feasted on the sight before her.

Trembling, pink-red, and gleaming with wetness, Anya’s outer pussy lips were fat and plumped with arousal. Even wetter and darker pink-red were the inner lips which were engorged and swollen so much that they all but hid Anya’s pussy hole from view.

Wanting to get a better look, Elaine spread the fat inner lips apart and was amazed to see rivulets of clear sticky pussy juice being squeezed and spurted out of her swollen hole.

“God, Anya, you really are juicy!” she moaned a last time before leaning in feast.

First, she licked the plump outer lips all over… then, she started suckling on the fat inner lips…

“Oh god, you’re going to make me cum! I’m so so wet!” Anya moaned and thrashed her head from side to side as Elaine’s tongue found its way to her hard clit. Her hands went to her boobs and started squeezing them and pulling at the nipples in time to Elaine’s licks.

“That’s the whole point.” Elaine’s voice was a muffled laugh as she flicked her tongue over and around the clitoral hood.


Anya’s moans were music to Elaine’s ears and she eagerly suckled on the clit while feasting on the juices that kept squeezing out of Anya’s hole. Anya’s entire pussy was gleaming with wetness and the entry to her vagina was almost swollen shut from pleasure and arousal.

Eager to get more of the deliciously fragrant pussy juice, she parted the blushing outer folds with one hand and parted the fat gleaming inner folds with the other. Once the juiced up pussy hole was fully revealed, she darted her tongue past the swollen inner lips and into its juicy center. Anya’s body arched with a cry at this and she had to grip her hips to keep her still. The movement caused the swollen hole to push her questing tongue back out and she laughed.

“You don’t like me?” She teased before she started suckling on the clit again.

“Nnnnnn… that’s not – OHMYGOD!” Anya screamed as Elaine’s fingers replaced her tongue – thrusting into her with a loudly enthusiastic slurp of juicy tightness – and she started bucking around wildly.

“Yes, yeeees, that’s it…” Elaine cooed as she continued to lick and suck. Her fingers started to rhythmically pump in and out of the tight hole, curling up with each thrust to hit the roughened area inside that was the G-spot, all the while making the most delicious slurp-slurp-slurping sounds with each and every pump.

“OHMYGOD!!! I’m – I’m GONNA –!!!”

“Come for me, gorgeous… come for Elaine…” Elaine moaned and pumped her fingers faster and harder and more eagerly than before as her tongue flicked wildly over the hood of the clitoris. Anya was so aroused now that her stretched pussy hole was leaking and squirting copious amounts of clear sticky fluids with each and every pump and Elaine’s lips and chin were soon dripping with her fragrant juices as she licked and sucked and pumped.

When Anya’s breath hitched and her body arched, Elaine knew that Anya was ready to come. She also hoped that she would also squirt.

“Come into my mouth… squirt for me, baby… Give Elaine all of your juices!”

Faster and faster her fingers pumped – slurp-slurp-squelch-slurp! – and faster and faster her tongue moved – flick-thup-thup-flick! – until Anya screamed out her name and grabbed hold of her head as she pressed her thoroughly soaked pussy into her face.


Immediately, Elaine pulled out her fingers with a loud slurp and started thrusting her tongue in and out of the hole between the swollen lips. As Anya continued to scream, her fingers moved to rub at her clit in a pace that was sure to bring the other woman to orgasm.

Within seconds, Elaine felt the first spurt of lemony ejaculate hit her tongue, then another. Eager to get all that she could, she continued to tongue-fuck the juiced up hole – shoving her tongue in even when it was being pushed out from the force of the orgasm – and she was soon rewarded with a sudden spray of cum as Anya finally gave her best and longest squirt ever.

With a loud moan, she swallowed mouthful after mouthful of clover-smelling fluid as her tongue continued to thrust in and out.

Finally with a whimper, Anya’s pussy gave a last squirt before the orgasm ended.

Not that it mattered to Elaine who was still licking away at her.

“That was so beautiful… tasted so gooooood…” Elaine babbled as she parted the swollen folds of flesh with her fingers to give her tongue more access to the leaking hole. Anya’s pussy was absolutely dripping wet with cum and she had every intention of licking and sucking it all off.

Anya couldn’t help but start moaning again as Elaine’s enthusiasm started creating new waves of pleasure.

They were both so caught up in the moment of pleasure that neither of them noticed that the door to the wardrobe room had been opened and that the Director of PlayHouse was standing there, speechless, as he witnessed his receptionist Elaine giving Anya the best oral sex she had ever had in her life.

August 10, 2010

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