Playtime at the PlayHouse – Business Hours – Hospitality Ending

Title: Hospitality – Ending – All Juiced Up
Sub Series: Business Hours
Story Series: Playtime at the PlayHouse
Series Summary: The PlayHouse is a major player in the adult entertainment industry and Markus Cameron is its Director. A savvy businessman, he runs a tight ship and follows a unique business plan all his own that leaves plenty of room for fun even when all the business is done.

Business as usual at the PlayHouse is already fun. But to see the real fun that happens behind closed doors, you have to cum on in!

Story Summary: In Hospitality – All Juiced Up which is the ending to the Hospitality story, Elaine has just given PlayHouse hopeful Anya the most incredible oral sex of her life and is going for seconds while Anya is basking in the aftermath of orgasm and getting ready to cum some more and so neither ladies are aware… that they are being watched! This is the surprise ending of this four part story and it’s the juiciest yet!

Hospitality – Ending – All Juiced Up

He had wondered why his last applicant was running late and when he had gone to see Elaine to inquire about the girl’s whereabouts, he had found his receptionist to be conveniently missing as well.

More than a little irritated, he had been ready to give Elaine a little talking to about disappearing on the job when all of a sudden…


With his dick now raging hard like a firehose out of control and seeing just how much the two women were enjoying themselves, he didn’t have the heart for a lecture.

Lecturing about playing during business hours could wait until later. This, however, could not.

“You ladies enjoying yourselves?” he asked in his low voice, palming himself through the fabric of his business slacks and squeezing.

Elaine could recognize the sexy baritone voice of her employer from anywhere within hearing distance and she pulled her mouth away from Anya’s drenched pussy with a startled gasp.


For Anya, pleasure overrode mortification and she moaned lustily in greeting.

“Now THAT’S what I call a greeting,” the Director smiled in amused approval as he raked his eyes over the two women – one stark naked and the other fully dressed. Before Elaine could come up with either an apology or an explanation (he’d give two ballfuls of cum to hear this story, but that would be some other time – preferably with her in his bed), he inquired casually, “I don’t suppose you got room in there for one more?”

Elaine’s mouth snapped shut as she stared. Had she just heard right? Was her boss asking if he could join in on the fun?

Anya, having finally found her tongue, spoke for them both. “There’s plenty of room in here for you, too!”

“Go~od. Just what I like to hear,” the Director crooned and with a snap of his wrist, his belt came undone. Before he could work on his pants, though, Elaine reached out to him.

“Let me get those for you,” she purred.

While Elaine made quick work of the fastenings and zippers on the Director’s slacks, Anya worked on ridding Elaine of her clothing that she had worn for far too long given the circumstances.

In the middle of pulling down the zipper, Elaine let out a deep moan as Anya’s hand found its way into her thongs.

“Why are you still wearing all of your clothes when I have been mostly naked?” Anya teased as she rubbed her middle finger back and forth all over Elaine’s slippery slit.

“Good question!” The Director growled as he caressed his hand fondly against the side of Elaine’s face.

Out of all of his employees – models included – Elaine was his personal and private favorite. Gorgeous, charming, business-smart, and sexy as hell in her professional attire, Elaine made a perfect right hand man – in this case, woman – and as her hand kneaded at his dick through his silk shorts, he realized that this would be their first time together. It was no secret that everyone in his company was free to play around with each other and it was even less of a secret when it came to who was playing with who, but somehow, he and Elaine had never gotten a chance to play together.

“Well?” he purred and swiped his thumb over Elaine’s swollen lower lip.

Elaine paused in her stroking to nibble at the thumb. “Maybe because Anya was too distracting for me to focus on getting my own clothes off?” she offered sweetly.

Anya clapped a hand to her mouth to stifle a laugh and the Director raised an eyebrow. “Ohhh?”

Elaine grinned as she tugged the Director’s pants down to his ankles and nuzzled at the growing bulge in his shorts. “Anya’s such a lovely girl and her tits were just too gorgeous to ignore and before we knew what was happening, I was ravishing those DD mounds of hers and then her pussy got all juiced up and ready to go and well… I just had to show her some… hospitality.”

“Mmmmm… Hospitality, eh? That’s my Elaine,” the Director smiled. “And how did she do, Anya? How was the hospitality?”

“Nnnmmm… it was absolutely delicious, sir. Her mouth on my tits was like a suction and her fingers in my pussy hit all the best spots with each and every pump. I was ready to cum even before my clit was touched and I came so hard that my pussy is now soaked.”

“Is that true, Elaine?”

Elaine had just removed the shorts and was about to take her boss’s cock into her mouth when his question made her look up. A mischievous smile lit up her face and she purred, “Anya made it easy for me what with how hot her body is. Why don’t you see for yourself, boss?”

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August 10, 2010

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