Sextuational Content Regulation

Sextuations Studio fully supports the idea of mutual self-regulation when it comes to the regulation of content in any sort of public forum whether it be on television, in print, at the movies, or online.

As such, Sextuations Studio has taken the initiative to register under the ICRA and utilizes the RTA (Restricted to Adults) content labeling system.

For the second part of self-regulation which makes it mutual, Sextuations Studio strongly recommends that parents be proactive about monitoring the content that their children view.

Here are some ways to be proactive:

Talk to your children

Especially when it comes to things like sex, war, religion, and other controversial topics, it can be very difficult to initiate and engage in thoughtful discussion with youngsters who may not fully grasp concepts at first or may ask questions that may be embarrassing.

But if you encourage open discussion with your children – especially in this case, about sex – and encourage them to feel comfortable in talking to you about their thoughts and questions, you are giving them a reason to trust YOU and your decisions and come to YOU first for knowledge, rather than relying on other sources.

Curiosity makes us all – adults and children alike – human. Punishing for curiosity is not the answer. Offering a safe place to talk about said curiosities is.

Also, coming from someone who still remembers what it was like to be a child whose parents kept everything from them…

It really doesn’t help.

So, please.

Talk to your children.

Be knowledgeable on ratings

Print media and entertainment media (video games, movies) all have a rating system. Familiarity with the rating system will give you better understanding on the contents within and will give you more power in making an informed choice on whether or not to allow your child to have access to the media in question.

Utilize Content-Monitoring Software

For most forms of electronic entertainment including online browsing, there are parental controls implemented in some form or another. Activate them, test them, use a strong password, and make sure you keep any necessary passwords out of sight and hidden away.

For your convenience, Net Nanny, CyberPatrol, and Safe Eyes are some examples of software that can be used to monitor online content.

Clear Out Browsing History

Though this isn’t surefire, it is one way to help minimize the ways your child(ren) may come in contact with adult material that you might have previously viewed.

Use Separate Browser Profiles

Though this isn’t surefire either, this is another way to help minimize the ways your child(ren) may come in contact with adult material that you might have previously viewed by separating your browsing profile and information from theirs.

Step your foot down

A no is a no is a no. Don’t say no and then after some whining say maybe and then after a temper tantrum say yes. YOU are the parent. A NO is a NO. End of sentence, end of argument.


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